Patchwork Partay!

I had such a fantastic time at Patchwork in Culver City yesterday! LA is a lot better when you have friends there to show you all the good stuff; it can seem so daunting otherwise.

The show was at Helms Bakery, which, obviously, was once a bakery, but is now a super-chic furniture and design complex. So fancy!

It was a bit warm inside the venue and I nearly sweated out a piece of my soul, but hey, a little sauna time is cleansing.

My booth was situated right next two two of my sisters from other misters, Ruby Buffalo and Blue Ribbon Salvage, so I felt right at home. (Side note: it's really nice to have a community. The craft world is where I belong and I'm so glad to be a part of it.)

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Squidhelmet said...

I've been seein those unicorn masks goin round.. Been wantin one pretty bad I guess.