Just call me Xena...Xenaphobia, that is!

Margie thinks that since I'm blogging so often, I must never be leaving the house. Well, Margie, you're mostly right, but I have gone a few places in the past few days, including CHURCH, thank you very much!

Since my parents were in town, church was a must, and while I'm not much of a Catholic, I do like hitting the pews from time to time. I guess there aren't that many Catholics in Chinatown, because the Saturday 5:00 mass at St. Anne's Cathedral wasn't what you could call packed. It was a real snoozer, but it makes my dad happy. However, he may have the incorrect idea that I will be attending masses on my own, because when I got home I discovered that the Archdiocese of San Francisco Young Adult Ministry web page was mysteriously bookmarked on my Yahoo! favorites list. Poor, poor Dad and his heathen of a daughter.

The streets outside the church were packed, with tourists, locals, and your standard dragon 'n drums parade. It was very cool, and I felt good about being in this city.


Anonymous said...

Church is hot. Love, Paris

Derek said...

I have a fantasy of being Catholic. I think for all of the major religions you seem to get the most bang for your buck. Maybe when I visit you, we can go to mass. Just so I can get it out of my system and you can impress your parents.
Do your Parents ever read this?