I decided to go out on a limb and watch a movie I've never heard of before this afternoon. Bunny Lake is Missing is, well, about a kid who goes missing/may not have ever existed. It's a whole genre now, but I think this was one of the first ones.

It was a little campy and not that suspenseful, but fun, and I always like looking into the weird blank eyes of Keir Dullea (you may know him better as the weird blank-eyed astronaut in 2001--"Open the pod bay doors, Hal"). One of the oddest parts of the movie was the occasional incongruous appearance of The Zombies, being adorable on a television screen and singing their jangly hits. I can't tell if it shattered the attempted dark mood of the film or just made it awesomer.

I'm also super jazzed because I found a book for $1.00, Common Culture: Reading and Writing about American Pop Culture, which are two of my favorite things to do. I'll be starting a heavy-sounding new day job soon, so I gotta cram all these enjoyable activities in while I still have the time.


Crystal said...

Omg, the Zombies! How come no one told me? Is it on netflix watch now? Double squee!!!

cardiogirl said...

Hey, I'm here by way of Hamblog. When I read your post I thought you meant actual zombies started walking in the bar, slowly with their arms out in front of them.

It took me a minute, after I clicked on the link, to realize The Zombies you are referring to are a band from the 60s.

Nevertheless, it's a very strange juxtaposition to the conversation going on in that bar.

cardiogirl said...

p.s. I never did have an imaginary playmate when I was little (like the chick in the movie.) But I always wished I did.

I felt like all the cool kids had imaginary friends, but I didn't. I'm not very creative.

Lastly (I swear I'm leaving now) when I watched the clip the action is about 18 seconds ahead of dialogue. It was weird and yet it seemed appropriate even though I've never even heard of this movie.

Nice to meet you, by the way!