I Love Yellow, Man

This weekend, I splurged and spent my Christmas movie theater gift card, valid only in San Luis Obispo, in San Luis Obispo. I saw I Love You, Man, starring the schlubulous Jason Segel and increasingly hilarious Paul Rudd. There's something so wonderful about a light little comedy that doesn't try to be anything else. Everyone's got all their pants in a bunch over the "bromance" craze, but I love it! I love stories about friendship, and I love bros. It also starred Rashida Jones, who spent the movie being radiant in yellow! It's now official; this deep shade of yellow is the hot color for spring. Check this out:

Goldenrod nightshirt.
Daffodil bridesmaids.
Even a yellow office!

And I couldn't find a shot of her cutest yellow number, a sweet eyelet shirt. I'm way into this color and am excited to see it everywhere, especially on the big screen. Also, this movie is SO funny and I recommend it to everyone who can handle 2 projectile barf scenes in one movie (which I guess now includes me!).


heather@ HeartOnSleeveArt said...

i love yellow but i am more the mustard yellow girl! i will have to see this movie soon!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Heather, I'm all about mustard too! I was afraid it would disappear after being popular in the fall, but I think it's just morphing into this brighter shade.